The employee benefits platform built for the new normal

We make it unbelievably easy to manage employee benefits, attendance tracking, employee expense claims management, and more - all in one place

Medical, dental, out-patient specialist, vision
Mileage, travel business expense tracking
Attendance, time-sheet management
Employee on-boarding, finance tools

This is not an easy time to run a business, but we're here to help. Discover free tools in G-Flex

G-Flex is home for all your HR benefits needs

All your members benefits details in one platform

Juggling multiple employee benefit  categories  for your whole team? Then you already know this is no mean feat. Getting this right will ensure you always have a handle on this business expense. Well, this is where we shine!


G-Flex allows you to setup and deploy complex benefit programmes with just a few clicks. And when you need to, change or de-activate your plans in seconds. One platform, for all your needs.


Employee attendance tracking

Get clarity on your peoples attendance in real-time and plan the day ahead. Regularize your teams attendance and generate reports that help you make better decisions.

Integrate to a non contact face recognition temperature measurement terminal.

TPS980-T non-contact face-recognition temperature measurement terminal


Infra-red thermography testing

Error range: +/- 0.3 degrees celcius

Thermometry distance: 50 - 70 cm

Binocular liveness testing

Recognition rate > 99.5%

8 inch touch screen

Displays measured temperature

NFC card


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Manage you team anytime, anywhere

Plan, deploy and manage all your employee benefits. Stay up-to-date with all your peoples plans.

You can search for your people's plans, check real-time updates, make adjustments to entitlements and so much more directly from your device, whether it's a laptop, desktop, or tablet. 


Customize from a list of approved vendors

Select from a list of more than 2,000 approved vendors

Use the vendor locator module in the G-Flex mobile app to check location and availability of practitioners based on your location. Need to design a specific network of vendors? No problem! Have it done in no time. 

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GP Clinics



Outpatient Specialist







Powering the future of tele-medicine 

Allows your people to schedule and access tele-medicine consultations from anywhere through the G-Flex mobile application.

Built for today's healthcare needs, G-Flex allows your members to access tele-medicine consultations with their preferred GP, dentist, or specialist from anywhere through the G-Flex mobile application.


Track and approve employee expenses instantly

Allows your people to submit details of their business expenses and upload receipts that you receive in real-time.


Managing employee expenses can be a real drag. With G-Flex, say goodbye to manual data entry work. You can now process employee claims instantly so they won't be kept waiting around to be reimbursed.


Master expenditure through real-time analytics

Use insights to get better at managing your expenditure

G-Flex shows you how your organizations employee benefits budget is being utilized - so you can adjust how your organization is investing its valuable financial resources


Have your employee benefit plans setup in minutes

Save time with easy to use templates

With our easy to use templates, you can setup your employee benefits programme in a matter of minutes!

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Get a free demo of G-Flex in action

Schedule a personalized demo that's customized to your specific business needs.

Take the opportunity to see for yourself why G-Flex is an absolute class-above any benefits administration solution in the market.

Get answers to your unique questions and find our why

G-Flex is the right choice for your business.


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Expense tracker

Attendance capture

Facial recognition


Custom reports



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